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The Online Algorithmic Complexity Calculator


Full Code for the Online Algorithmic Complexity Calculator

Source for the R Shiny web server is available at Github

Universal Distribution Approximations

You can download the data from the
Algorithmic Nature Dataverse Repository

or you can click on the Download icon below directly:

(cite appropriately, see bottom of the page)

D(4)=D(4,2) in CSV format

D(5)=D(5,2) in CSV format
D(4,2)_2D in CSV format
D(5,2)_2D in CSV format
D(4,4) in CSV format
D(4,6) in CSV format
D(4,9) in CSV format
D(4,10) in CSV format


Mining and Exploitation Tools

R-script: returns Algorithmic Complexity, Algorithmic Probability, and P(R|s)
Mathematica API notebook


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